Renewable Energy Microgrids

Hybrid_Power_SystemThe main idea behind the START project is to harness renewable energy sources to uplift the lives of the rural people through agriculture. In the same vain we will play a very big role in the mitigation of environmental degradation via deforestation, soil erosion and air pollution.

The major source of fuel in the rural areas at the moment is firewood. Firewood is used for heating, cooking, lighting and curing of tobacco. This has had a big negative impact on the flora. That said, we endevour to move the people from this source of fuel to renewable energies like solar, hydro, biogas and wind. These sources of clean fuel can be hybridised and come up with a realiable, clean hassle free source of energy.

Lives will definitely be changed on many fronts. Students can study at night, irrigated cropping can be done anytime of the year thereby bringing in income all year round and entertainment options will increase.